Johnnie Moore

19 november 15:24

“This is a country where Sunni and Shia Muslims pray together, where Orthodox and evangelical Christians serve together, and where the Jewish community is not only valued but plays an dispensable role in the society.”

Johnnie Moore

19 november 15:18

Rabbi Cooper said, “the conference was a unique opportunity to interface w/ religious leaders from Saudi Arabia, & the Gulf,” & that “Rabbi Amar, the Sephardic Chief Rabbi Emeritus of Israel, was seated next to the representative from Kuwait.”

Rabbi Elie Abadie MD

19 november 15:14

Farewell Bakú As the old adage says: “All Good Things Must Come to An End”. The good thing that is coming to an end is our trip to baku , azerbaijan .

Rabbi Elie Abadie MD

18 november 15:11

This past Friday, The city of baku honored the memory of a jewish national hero of Azerbaijan by unveiling a monument in his honor and memory. We had the privilege of attending the ceremony that included a military honor guard. Leaders of entire jewishcommunity ...

Johnnie Moore

17 november 15:04

great discussions w/ NY’s @RabbiElieAbadie in Baku.

Rabbi Elie Abadie MD

12 november 09:59

Inter-religious cooperación and improving the intercultural dialogue, thereby creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. The Summit will takes place in the frame the of Jubilee celebrations of the 70th birthday of Sheikh-ul-Islam Allahshukur Pashazade and his 40th anniversary of his position as Sheikh-ul-Islam.

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